Well pissed off..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took me and my Son 3 hours to get to the O2 yesterday with the poxy London roads.

Got there and went straight to the merchandise stand as we both wanted an Ozzfest tour T ( as ya do.)

SOLD OUT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tossers.... 

Apparently they were only allocated 1000 t-shirts.?.....

How F****ing thik is that, for a sold out gig.............1000 T's..!!

We're both gutted that we have nothing to wear or remember such a great gig.... ???

Ozzy was awsome too.

Thats it, rant over......  ???

Pissed off from the UK.......... :-\
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Wah Wah Wah.  Should've left 3 hours earlier.
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Glad you and your son enjoyed the show
I wonder if they would have any t shirts you could buy online (here or from
Ask The Wiz here as he may point u in the direction
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p.s And thanks for posting your comments about's nice to see some other "out of towners" around here
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No tour programmes, stupedly overkill security (wtf was the need for x-ray machines and hand held body scanners as well as frisk searches and luggage searches after you had passed the x ray and body scanning).

Camera policy was another joke ~ this was the third time for seeing Ozzy (saw him at 96 at the MOR and 98 at the first UK Ozzfest!) but the first time I had a decent camera and yet the policy dictated that I could not bring it to with me to try to take some photos of him.

I would like someone to justify £4.70 for a pint there too.

I can safely say that I will not be stepping foot in that joke of a venue again - whoever picked it needs there head testing.
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It was a lovely affair! The Tea And Krumpet tent was a great way to start your day. Chudleys gave away doggie trinkets. And plenty of ale and good times at the Bubble & Squeak tent. Also, the girls who worked at the Toad-in-the-Hole rocked! Cheers mate!
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