Just post upcoming album realeses that you know of.

5-21-10 Sabaton
"Coat of Arms" (CD) 

5-21-10 Grind Inc.
"Lynch and Dissect" (CD) 

5-21-10 Exilia
"Naked" (CD) 

5-21-10 Masterplan
"Time To Be King" (CD) 

5-24-10 Enforcer
"iamonds" (CD) 

5-24-10 Leng Tch'e
"Hypomanic" (CD) 

5-24-10 Black Tusk
"Taste The Sin" (CD) 

5-25-10 Rosetta
"A Determinism of Morality" (CD) 

5-25-10 Krokus
"Hoodoo" (CD)
5-25-10 Dew-Scented
"Invocation" (CD) 

5-25-10 Castevet
"Mounds Of Ash" (CD) 

5-25-10 Saliva
"Moving Forward In Reverse: Greatest Hits" (CD) 

5-25-10 Aeon
"Path Of Fire" (CD) 

5-25-10 Diabulus in Musica
"Secrets" (CD) 

5-25-10 Stone Temple Pilots
"Stone Temple Pilots" (CD) 

5-25-10 Integrity
"The Blackest Curse" (CD) 

5-25-10 Lightning Swords of Death
"The Extra Dimensional Wound" (CD) 

5-25-10 The Devil's Blood
"The Time Of No Time Evermore" (CD)
5-25-10 Special Ops
"Through the Heart of the Infidel" (CD)
5-25-10 Godless Rising
"Trumpet Of Triumph" (CD) 

5-28-10 Disbelief
"Heal" (CD) 

5-28-10 Juvaliant
"Inhuman Nature" (CD) 

5-28-10 Musica Diablo
"Musica Diablo" (CD) 

5-28-10 InnerWish
"No turning back" (CD) 

5-29-10 Shadowside
"are To Dream" (CD) 

5-30-10 Lacrimas Profundere
"The Grandiose Nowhere" (CD) 

5-31-10 Slechtvalk
"A Forlorn Throne" (CD) 

5-31-10 Against The Plagues
"ecoding the Mainframe" (CD) 

6-1-10 Lamb of God
"Hourglass" (2-CD Set) 

6-1-10 I Declare War
"Malevolence" (CD) 

6-2-10 Enthrope
"Tomorrow's Dead Days" (CD) 

6-2-10 Inferis
"When Men Collide" (CD) 

6-4-10 Crystal Viper
"efenders Of The Magic Circle: Live In Germany" (CD) 

6-7-10 Watain
"Lawless Darkness" (CD) 

6-8-10 Whitechapel
"A New Era of Corruption" (CD) 

6-8-10 Nachtmystium
"Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II" (CD) 

6-8-10 Kingdom of Sorrow
"Behind The Blackest Tears" (CD) 

6-8-10 Lifeless
"Beyond The Threshold Of Death" (CD) 

6-8-10 Istapp
"Blekinge" (CD) 

6-8-10 Cardiac Arrest
"Haven For The Insane" (CD) 

6-8-10 Heaven Shall Burn
"Invictus" (CD) 

6-8-10 Keep Of Kalessin
"Reptilian" (CD) 

6-8-10 The Ghost Inside
"Returners" (CD) 

6-8-10 The Haunted
"Road Kill" (DVD) 

6-8-10 Pain Of Salvation
"Road Salt One" (CD) 

6-8-10 Fatal Embrace
"The Empires Of Inhumanity" (CD) 

6-8-10 Asphyx
"The Rack" (Vinyl 7" 

6-8-10 The Funeral Pyre
"Vultures At Dawn" (CD) 

6-11-10 Dyrathor
"Sacred Walcraft Of Hel" (CD) 

6-14-10 Grave
"Burial Ground" (CD) 

6-15-10 Ozzy Osbourne
"Scream" (CD) 

6-18-10 Equilibrium
"ReKrea­tur" (CD) 

6-19-10 No Empathy
"Rust" (CD) 

6-22-10 Primal Fear
"16.6- All Over The World" (DVD) 

6-22-10 The Sacrificed
"2012" (CD) 

6-22-10 Early Graves
"Goner" (CD) 

6-22-10 Grand Magus
"Hammer of the North" (CD) 

6-22-10 Primal Fear
"Live In The USA" (CD) 

6-25-10 Destroying Divinity
"ark Future" (CD) 

6-29-10 Haste the Day
"Attack of the Wolf King" (CD) 

6-29-10 Vektor
"Black Future (Rerelease)" (Vinyl 7" 

6-29-10 Parkway Drive
"eep Blue" (CD) 

6-29-10 Witchery
"Witchkrieg" (CD) 

7-6-10 Pathology
"Legacy of the Ancients" (CD) 

7-13-10 In This Moment
"A Star-Crossed Wasteland" (CD) 

7-13-10 Hell Within
"God Grant Me Vengeance" (CD) 

7-13-10 Black Majesty
"In Your Honour" (CD) 

7-13-10 Norma Jean
"Meridional" (CD) 

7-13-10 Seven Kingdoms
"Seven Kingdoms" (CD) 

7-13-10 HellYeah
"Stampede" (CD) 

7-17-10 Zoroaster
"Matador" (CD) 

7-20-10 Allegaeon
"Fragments of Form and Function" (CD) 

7-20-10 Mose Giganticus
"Gift Horse" (CD) 

7-20-10 Burning The Masses
"Offspring of Time" (CD) 

7-20-10 The High Confessions
"Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions" (CD) 

7-27-10 Decrepit Birth
"Polarity" (CD) 

7-30-10 Amagortis
"Intrinsic Indecency" (CD) 

8-17-10 The Last Felony
"Too Many Humans" (CD) 

8-22-10 Dawn of Sorrow
"awn Of A New Breed" (Demo) 

8-23-10 Apocalyptica
"7th Symphony" (CD) 

10-11-10 Breach the Void
"The Monochromatic Era" (CD)
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7/13/10 - Korn - III Remember Who You Are
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DANZIGZ new album june 22nd ( as if anyone carez but me )
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what about the new Accept cd

anything on when that one is supposed to be released?
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No date for BLS Order of the Black yet?  Or am I dislexic? lol
See you in the darkness wanker!
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stevenstrong wrote:

DANZIGZ new album june 22nd ( as if anyone carez but me )

I can't wait for the new Danzig. \m/
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Disturbed - Asylum - supposed to be released sometime this fall
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