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I attended the sunday ozzfest 2010, as a V.I.P. in no way, shape or form did I feel it was a "ripoff!" this was my first such experience. don't recall this package including parking, but I may be wrong. arrived somewhat early. had no problem paying $25.00. and then walking several blacks to the venue. this allowed me to leave a little bit early and beat the traffic. felt the event was extremely well organized. we received our laminates on time and were able to enter the theatre early. the back stage tours, began and ended on time. when it was time to meet ozzy, "big dave" may have showed up 10 or 15 minutes late, but who cared!

as far at the condition and placement of the "vip lounge," thought it was fine. was at the rear of the left entrance, away from the crazy, crowd. thank god, we were able to avoid the heat and humidity for most of the afternoon, or I would have baked. it started raining cats and dogs between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. was bone dry. the cool water was a great addition. chose to hang around the "vip" lounge for most of the day. the food selection at susquehanna and the prices were a little high. but, that is to be expected. thought it was a smart idea of not having to cart around any types of t-shirts, give aways, etc.

the show was excellent..motley crue was the best I have ever seen. ozzy's set list was awesome. some old ozzy songs and a few black sabbath songs I have not seen in years. did not like the idea of having second row seats, and having a "moshpit"  in front of me. however, I did not get soaking wet from ozzy's power washer! ; ) lol cannot blame that on "ozzfest." although, they could have set up the stage closer or had no "moshpit access!" my overall experience was great. thought the price for the meet and greet/v.i.p. package was inexpensive to have my picture taken with a music icon and legend. would definitely do it again.
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  well sixx is that yours?
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I got pit seats for Camden, parked in the lot right in front of the venue and walked right in with no problem.  I was near the barricade in front of Blasko and had a great time!  No VIP needed this year.
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f_darkbladeus wrote:

I paid $150 for 1 seat 6 rows past the pitt thinking it would be a heck of alot closer than it was. It wasn't VIP. I was in San Bernadino. I was very put off by a couple things.

1. People near me paid $80 and $105 to sit beside and in front of me respectively.
2. People BEHIND me were lawn ticket purchasers into Crue who snuck up and infiltrated all the seats. They paid $10 or $15 or $20.
3. People in the PITT paid regular price, but then ALL DAY they let LAWN upgrade for $20.

Now. I understand the theory of those who can afford to pay should pay. But that was ridiculous. I can't afford to pay $150 but I did because I LOVE OZZY!

I was unhappy with how far back we were. The pit should have been half the size it was.

Buy 10 dollar lawn seats, upgrade to 26th row for 20 bucks....great view, more money left to buy beer and shirt. simple.
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paozzygrrll56 wrote:

hey sixx chick is this your bra? and to all tha fans plz go to my facebook/martha sandusky and see some great pics from tha show. comments are welcomez   ark blades is havin a ball with them. LOL blades

i saw the bra and think "were there two black bra's?" prolly is hers! LOL.

ps> Your pictures are fantastic ~*
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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Did the meet and greet with Ozzy a few times and everything was all good!
Killer times to be had with the crew at Ozzfest.

Worth every $.

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