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every linkin park cd sucks..what are you talking about? hahaha.

i hate it when people try to justify shitty bands as having good cds..
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democrat said:
The new album is just...bad. There isn't another word for it. Advance and Vanquish is one of my favorite albums ever and every track is awesome. I haven't heard a song on the new album yet that is any good.

It SUCKS. (worse than Linkin Park's CD)

Wow your a moron
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they are meh

the vocals kill them for me

but i want to see them a lot for some reason
(formally xundeadx

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beats me
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wow this thread sucks.... 3 inches of blood is fucking awesome! the new album is kickass aswell not as good as the one before but yea... its still a great album!
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