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AlpineValleyGirl wrote:

the memories have all kind of blurred into one big fest over the years

manson getting pelted with a dirt clod (above),
meeting tony iommi & geezer at the fye booth,
hanging with Joe Kelly from Ministry the year they refused to play second stage
hanging with disturbed right before they went on stage     .....    right after
getting right up front when ozzy played second stage
listening to bruce dickinson's diatribe (that eventually gets him egged later on tour)
seeing bands like pantera, primus, system of a down, slayer, judas priest, korn, etc
at the coolest venue in the world
on the slamminest touring festival ever invented

I'm with you......all the "fest" kinda morphed into one for me....they all had great moments for me.....I can't just pick the answer to the question "what was your favorite ozzfest?".....yes they were my favorite

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Grandmaster_Disaster wrote:

Nando wrote:

I have yet to go to an ozzfest, but I' say 04 or 05. The 04 ozzfest had a better overall lineup (Sabbath, Priest, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir). But 05 had Maiden...

04 maiden played in different venues, and yes 04 was the best lineup

Maiden in different venues in 04?
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Nathan7X wrote:

definitely 2006

Going into Ozzfest 2006 I thought is was the worst line up the ever had, but every band impressed me alot.  I actually left there a A7X fan, they are very talented and put on a good show.  Even though every band kicked ass that year I still look back and think it was a weak line up. System of A Down just in my opinion is not enough of an Icon to havebeen the headliner. Great show but not even close to 1 of the best.  Hay Nate how many other Ozzfests have you been to.
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