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BLS is coming to Boston in October with Clutch and COB. ticket prices are $40 to $60, before ticketbastard charges.  I feel i allready paid to see them once, so why pay again?  i don't think its worth it to see them for what they are asking for their tickets.  i have seen other shows at that same venue for $20 a ticket.
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hmmm now this id like to see. and the ozzfest ever ceasees they should start the wyldefest!!! o9f course featuring BLS
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bonesawsf wrote:

RIDICULOUS! no nonpoint no BLS... and I actually got kicked out for getting thrown by another down the muddy hill in mansfield... how ridiculous.. ill drive the extra hour to CT for every tour for now on, i boycott the comcast center, BULLSHIT!
you don't deserve a refund because you like gay bands like non-point and BLS.
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