If Ozzfest does happen next year, this is who I' like to see. Hopefully it's a lot better than Mayhem Fest. Mayhem Fest usually only has 3-5 good bands and everything else sucks.

Main Stage: Black Sabbath, Slayer, Mastodon, Down, Neurosis, and Ghost

2nd Stage: Gojira, Red Fang, Clutch, Skeletonwitch, Black Tusk, In Solitude, Baroness, Intronaut, Nachtmystium, and The Atlas Moth
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Nurosis and Ghost are definitely not main stagers, Down and Mastadon are probably on the borderline for that, but the rest of this lineup is pretty decent.  Saw Skeletonwitch for the first time at Ozzfest 2010.  They were awesome.
See you in the darkness wanker!
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I saw Skeletonwitch w/ Amon Amarth at Granada Theatre.  Speaking of theatres, do you think the Ridglea will every do a metal show again?  I know that Wes and Richard are going to continue working there.
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