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ministrymember99 wrote:

Holy Bajeezus I didnt know about this until now, I had tix for the cancelled one, but HELL ANTHRAX FUCK YEAH Ill be in houston!!!!

Damn did you get tickets yet??

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Nando wrote:

I'll be in Long Beach for the first leg. I had tickets for to see them at cow palace in San Francisco before it got canceled. I decided to return them and get tickets for Long Beach since I would be back home here in socal over the summer. I'm a little bummed that I wont be able to see the 2nd leg since they wont be playing norcal. I've really wanted to see Anthrax with Joey (saw them with Dan Nelson when they opened up for Maiden 2 years ago). But I'm happy I'll get to see Megadeth for the first time 

They're playing at the Gibson here in cali with Anthrax! what are you talking about?

1st leg at Long Beach Arena - Pit tickets
1sn leg at The Gibson Amphitheater - couldn't get pit tickets....got orchestra

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Got my ticket for Grand Prarie in September!! 
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ordered my ticket for the second leg in scranton!!
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