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I'm saving up my physical assault, get-out-of-jail-free card
for a certain asshole who hangs around the bar where we play pool
he stole my nephew's lighter the other night then attacked him when he tried to get it back
I grabbed him by the lapels and swung his ass around into (what was left of) a snowbank
did you know snow gets really hard when it melts and refreezes?   

we will be going there again tomorrow night for leagues.  if the asshole is there and gets
within five feet of us, I will embed his ass into the drywall.
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Can I hire you to beat the hell outta my brother-in-law?   
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AlpineValleyGirl wrote:

I just got into a huge fight with a bitch at work yesterday
after she started going off on another co-worker who had done nothing wrong
except make the bitch look bad because she doesn't do her job and blames everyone else for it

I stepped up to the bitch and let her know exactly what I think of her
and she kept saying,  "I ain't afraid of you!"
and I kept saying, "you should be."   then she starts telling me how to do MY job
and how she's going to get me fired.  all I had to say to her was,
"I've been here 24 years and you've been here 8 months.  Guess who's going to win?"

I made her cry.  today she has submitted her two weeks notice.
the other co-worker knelt down in front of me and can't stop thanking me.

Crush the weak ALWAYS!!
Kick some ass is right!

The workplace is a brutal place,crush or get crushed!!

Keep em crying!

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I guess this proves my point... Nuff said.

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I guess this proves my point... Nuff said.

Point your lard ass off a cliff...Ehh

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if you're a child you should be afraid of alpine valley dyke and widdle dinger. sick perverts should be in jail!
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