Hey friends let's start this, my top 5:

1. Slayer - Reign In Blood An all time classic, old time favorite. Heavy, aggressive, fast, epic.

2. Iron Maiden - Killers Picking a favorite Maiden album for me is like picking a favorite out of your children. Powerslave, Piece of Mind, Seventh son of a Seventh Son (and on many days, I'll pick this one)...Number of The Beast but of all their many, many, good albums I keep coming back to this one. Love Bruce best overall, but this album with Di'Anno is just too damn good played loud.

3. Black Sabbath - Sabotage Paranoid gets all the love. But this is my absolute favorite and I think their best work I've heard. Symptom of The Universe (some call the greatest riff ever), The Writ (best Sabbath w/Ozzy song of all time!), Am I Going Insane, Megalomania, Hole In The Sky, Thrill of It All, brilliant instrumental...just flatout epic piece of work.

4. Sepultura - Beneath The Remains What can I say? For the longest time Max was my music hero. As I said before I went out and got the Sepultura and Soulfly logo's tatted on my legs for life FFS lol. I don't know, Schizophrenia is as good, but this one makes me nostalgia harder.

5. Judas Priest - Painkiller Rob Halford is openly gay. But that don't bug me, I ain't no homophobe! Freddy Mercury, Elton John.....vocalists can be gay, it doesn't change the beautiful singing that comes out of their cockholsters. Should it even matter that he's gay really?!!!!!!!!!!
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